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Transformations Leeds was born out of the realisation that God’s love could completely transform the lives of international students. Phil Thomas, the founder, was struck by the loneliness and isolation that many international students feel; seeing that many never make a British friend. Yet, for this narrow window, these students are much more open to exploring their faith than ever before. Therefore, it’s an ideal time to reach out to these students with the love and good news of Jesus, especially as God’s heart is for all nations to be saved. What’s even more amazing is that these transformed students then have a unique opportunity to transform their home countries without the need for extensive missionary training. We help transform students who transform nations!

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We enable local Christians, churches, and student groups to reach out to international students with the good news of Jesus in culturally relevant ways. We focus on making international students feel welcome, finding them discipleship opportunities, and developing them into leaders who can transform their home countries.

Two of our regular events are The Living Room, a weekly social event with optional bible discussion, and Explore International, which we wrote specifically for international students. We also run an Apprenticeship Programme, Leadership Day Conferences, training seminars, and we even offer online coaching for international students once they finish their studies in the UK.

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“It’s so good to find an organisation so clearly committed to Jesus, the local church, mission, and international students. We’ve benefitted hugely from their ministry and training. We wholeheartedly support their work!”



“Transformations Leeds has a really effective ministry which blesses international students by moving them forward on their spiritual journey!”


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We would love you to pray for us. For prayer and praise updates, please sign up online by clicking the button below and entering in your details.

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We would be thrilled for you to support us financially. To do so, please click on the button below and fill in your bank details.

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We would be delighted to help you reach out to international students with God’s love. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

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Contact Us

By emailing Phil Thomas or by using the form below:

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15 Queen Square, Leeds, LS2 8AJ

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